Michelangelo Russo Heads up Main Street Development Corp.

by New York City Metro

New York City Metro Spotlight: Michelangelo Russo and MSDC:

Michelangelo Russo is the Chief Executive of Main Street Development Company.  An active player in the real estate development, construction and property management sectors within the metropolitan New York and New Jersey area.

Russo and Main Street remain continuously devoted towards building better communities through job creation, affordable housing and economic development.

Michelangelo Russo, President and CEO Main Street Development Company

For the past eight years, Michelangelo Russo has worked with the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency to acquire more than 40 parcels of blighted property with the intent to develop Monticello Avenue into Jersey City’s premier downtown district. Mr. Russo has developed over $90 million of residential property throughout the Greater New York City area for the past 11 years. Prior to Whiton Street, Michelangelo worked at Prestige Development, where he oversaw the development of several projects, including a 75-unit apartment redevelopment. He has a special interest in neighborhood redevelopment and currently has development projects in Paterson, New Jersey and Ludlow Street in New York City. Mr. Michelangelo Russo graduated with a Bachelors degree in Political Science and Business Administration from Seton Hall University summa cum laude.

Michelangelo Russo CEO of Main Street Development Company
Mike Russo of MSDC
Main Street Development Company was founded by Michelangelo Russo and is focused on residential and mixed-use development opportunities in the greater New York City area.


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